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1. Is the shell cast iron or steel?

Our pellet stove use cold rolled steel as the shell, the stoves are welded by robot. There is  no bubble, no pore and other flaws.

2. The service life and warranty?

Our Warranty period for customers is 12 months after received our stove.

3. Is there a min order quantity?

We accept sample orders. In order to save the delivery cost, we suggest customer orders 3 pieces or more.

4. What is your delivery time?

The delivery time depends on your order quantity and our stock quantity, please contact us to inquire the accurate delivery time

5. How long do I expect to receive the stove?

We usually delivery stoves by ocean, the shipping period will be about 1 mounth,  please contact us and provide a destination port, we will give you the accurate arrival time.

6. Do you have any certification?
Yes, all our products have CE certification, our factory has ISO certification.


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