Advantages of Bidragon Pellet Stove

Bidragon pellet stove has the following advantages:

1. Durable welded structure, all the welding work is done by a robot, stoves are more stable.

2. Self ignition, the ignitor is from Japan FKK ceramic iginitor, can start the fire in short time.

3. Heat settings, operator can adjust the air and combustion according to room temperature.

4. Adjustable speed of convection blower

5. Vacuum safty switch, it will auto stop if the front door is open.

6. Temperature protection, the stove will auto shut down if the stove is over heat.

7. Hopper swith protection, the pellet feeding will auto stop if there is any problem occurs.

8. High temperature resistant ceramic glass. more heat radiation rate.

9. Ash removal system,


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