Proper Use of Wood Stove in an Environmentally Friendly Way

As a fine elegant fancy home decoration, wood stove is not only a effective warming measure, but also a green and healthy lifestyle. Let’s talk about how to use a wood stove in an environmentally friendly way.

We never allow unpleasant smell in our living room with wood stove, which is a primary site gathering leisure and culture in cold and blustery days. The wood stove coating is a very important factor to care before purchasing a wood stove. We choose Forrest’s Stove Bright series and Cashew’s Senotherm serials as a high heat coating for wood stoves we manufactured. We only choose ideal brand to bring us amazing and durable appearance, meanwhile,the most significant aspect we must pay is non-toxic, odorless and harmless to the human body.

What’s the matter with smell during wood stove burning? A short reminder here below:

For a brand new one, the smell is caused by the comburent. For avoid producing unpleasant smell, you should only be using seasoned wood, newspaper, or kindling to burn for the initial use.

For a dried wood stove, may the smell be caused by clean-up absence before use. Fire-fast burning material will generate waxy stuff residue after burning. Along with that, there will be some liquid on inwall. Then the smell will come while reuse.

In addition, pay attention to the stuff placing on wood stove. May this is a reason if the smell disappear gone away.


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