Free Standing Wood Stove

  • 12Kw Free Stand Wood Stove
12Kw Free Stand Wood Stove

12Kw Free Stand Wood Stove

  • Model: BW12-B
  • Thermal Power: 12KW
  • Thermal Power: 41000 Btu
  • Thermal Efficiency: 75%
  • Product description: Bidragon wood stove is a high efficient home heating stove. it features is durable welded steel structure, adjustable air blower, secondary combustion design and self ash cleaning.


Thermal Output

12Kw, 41000Btu

Thermal Efficiency 75%
Heating Area 360m³
Shell Materials Carbon Steel
Window Material Ceramic Glass from NEG/Schott
Color High Temperature Resistance Paint
Flue Gas Outlet Diameter 180mm
Emission 3g/kg
Manual Control
Dimension 860(H)*830(W)*610(D)mm
Weight 180 Kg


1. Shell Materials: Cold Rolled Steel, durable welded steel structure
2. Welding: Use an welding robot to do the welding work, no pore, no bubble and no other flaws
3. Stove Burning Chamber Door: High temperature resistant. Ceramic glass, good heat radiation performance
4. Removable ash pan: easy to take out and clean the ash.
5. Glass-self Cleaning: Special designed, when fresh air come into the chamber, it will firstly blow the door glass, in this way, ash can be cleaned by air, the glass will always keep clean.
6.Thermostat: Stable performance, it will keep the room warm.

7. Low emission, little dust, completely environment friendly

Following features is only available on wood stove with hot air blowing function.
1. Multiple speed convection blower

2. Heat setting so to adjust the wood combustion.

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